Why do we do this?

Our Goal

Don’t miss a day. If you fall behind, it will only take the sacrifice of an hour or so to make up time. I want everyone who starts to finish.On the Daily Reading Page there are links to help you get started.Use Talk To Us to leave comments and to email any questions you may have.

Reading the Bible from cover to cover is one of the most rewarding things a Christian can do.  While too many are satisfied by just getting a verse or two at church, God has given us 66 books that reveal Himself to His children. Come along with us in this year of 2017, and allow God to take you to places in Him you have never been before. Grab a partner and tell a friend to join us as we Journey Through the Word.

​We desire that each of you will continue on this journey all the way to Revelation 22:21. Yes, we have a long way to go, but rest assured, each day God has something new to say to you! The goal for the journey is “to not just read the stories, but to learn the lessons.” We are discovering the successes and failures of real people. We can learn so much from the decisions they have made.

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​​We believe that reading God's Word brings you closer to Him. In order to know God, and to draw closer and deeper in your relationship, He has given us the Word and His Spirit to help us know who He is and whose we are.

We will be praying for everyone on the journey! Come and GROW with us!